Bad Dates and Bad Grapes

July 6, 2017

On this episode of Snap and Sip the ladies go over their worst dates.  They have guest host Bre who tells us about her horrors.  Merlot shares when she had to help a man get out of a bad relationship. Bre goes into details on why she's glad to be married and out of the dating game.


Homage, Heritage, and Hijabs

June 28, 2017
On this episode of Snap and Sip the ladies have guest host Taij who discusses the Muslim culture. She goes over what it's like being a Muslim in 2017. The episode takes a left turn when they go over beef curtains. 

Muscat and Making Out

June 21, 2017

On this episode of Muscat and Making Out the ladies discuss if the art of kissing is dead. They go over turn on and turn offs. The ladies also give insight on how to properly set the mood. 


Lucky Goat and Likely Legends-

June 14, 2017
On this episode the ladies are joint by Scottie Kash and King Simba Amir. They go over who are the Greatest of All Time when it comes to music. They also discuss if Michael Jackson was the king of Romphim. They also debate if Rihanna deserves the Goat title. 

Sparkling and Savagery

May 30, 2017

On this episode of Snap and Sip the ladies discuss being aggressive while still being sweet. They swap work stories where they had to get aggressive. Merlot also discusses her doggie day car situation 


Too Many Corks Not Enough Cocks

May 26, 2017

On this episode the ladies go over different ideas for all of the corks you may have lying around your home. May it be coasters or trivets the possibilities seem endless. The ladies move on to talk about the fun subject of sex. They list all the different ways to say penis. They go over sexual compatibility and what's important in having a healthy sex life.  They also go over the double standards for women in society. 


Brut and Butt Hurt

May 24, 2017

On this episode the ladies discuss Brut Korbel and how it makes a great Mimosa. The ladies also discuss people being able to take criticism. Are people too sensitive in 2017 or do you need to watch you say.


Crimes and Cab

May 10, 2017

The ladies Sip on a listeners choice of wine and give you some history lessons on Australia. They discuss crime culture and glorification of it rappers. Kiki goes over the importance of emotional intelligence and being able to control anger. Finally the girls go over crime worth holding someone down for.


Ballin on a Bellini

May 2, 2017

On this episode the ladies discuss how to be classy on a budget. They try Bellini's and pair it with Boar's Head cheese. They go over dry vs sweet champagne. They go over how to be classy but stay in your financial lane. The Snap and Sip ladies finally share their life hacks. They spend some time briefly bashing a friend who doesn't ever bring bottles.  They also discuss bottle service etiquette.